Thursday, 29 May 2008

VVCS Heart Health Program

Want to improve your fitness and meet new people?

The VVCS Heart Health Program can give you the support you need to make healthy living part of your everyday routine.

The 12 month course will give you skills to:

  • Enjoy regular exercise
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Manage your stress
  • Maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle

The Heart Health Group Program is facilitated by qualified and experienced health professionals. Participants undertake a structured and supervised fitness schedule.

The Modbury program needs a top up of a couple of participants to commence a program and Western, Eastern and Southern areas of Adelaide need more expressions of interest before a program can be requested.

The programs are provided at no cost and are available to all veterans and peacekeepers who meet the medical screening requirements.

Call VVCS to register now!--------1800 011 046*
*Free local call, Mobile phones charged at mobile rates.

Friday, 23 May 2008

CLIK issues with Vista

Numerous compatibility issues with Vista have been reported for the Feb 2008 release of the CLIK CD.
The information provided below may provide some assistance / guidance.
Alternatively, ESO representatives may wish to contact the CLIK Administrator to further investigate installation issues:

National CLIK Administrator
Phone: (02) 6225 4641
Email: CLIK@dva.gov.au

Generally, Vista and CLIK compatibility issues fall into three categories:

1.----64 bit Operating Systems
Vista are now releasing operating systems that are 64 bit.
DVAs IT Support have informed that CLIK (which is a 16 bit program) will not work on PCs that have 64 bit operating systems.
Although not ideal for some, the internet version of CLIK should work on PCs with 64 bit Operating Systems. The internet version also has the advantage of containing more up-to-date information than the CD releases of CLIK.

2. ----User must be logged in with an "Administrator Account"
The following is a report from DVAs IT Support in regards to testing the CLIK CD on a PC that has Vista:

The CLIK CD install worked as I expected on Vista, there are no problems that I could detect. This is what I did:
Installed CLIK on MS Vista with an Administrators account...
1. Ran setup.exe without error, CLIK installed and placed icon on desktop.
2. Ran CLIK from icon and it opened without error.
3. Provided I had a browser open (in this case IE7), the external web links worked.
4. I also ran through many menu items and functions, no errors or problems found... data was displayed as expected.
Installed CLIK on MS Vista with a Standard (i.e., no install privileges) account...
The only difference in this install & test was that when I ran setup.exe, I was asked to run the program as an administrator, which I did. All tests were successful. If I had not opted to run the setup.exe as an administrator, I would not have been able to install CLIK.
My conclusion is that if users are experiencing problems it will be due to their not being administrators on Vista.
The internet version will behave in the same way, as it requires the user to install the Citrix Client the first time they try to access CLIK. All PCs & Laptops with Vista come with an inbuilt administrators account, it's just a matter of the user knowing what it is... and the password.

3. ----Unknown compatibility issues
Several ESO representatives have reported issues with installing CLIK onto a Vista PC, particularly laptops that have Vista. Some of these issues have not been resolved. The following note will be included in the System Requirements part of the CLIK CD Installation Instructions for the next release:
Compatibility issues with Vista have been reported and CLIK may not correctly install on all versions of Vista.

Technical Implications in Producing CLIK for External Use
CLIK is produced primarily for departmental staff. While we do endeavour to produce the CLIK application so that ESO represtatives and the veteran community have access, it is becoming increasingly, technically difficult to produce CLIK to be compatible with all types of PCs and operating systems.

The CLIK team are investigating options for transforming CLIK to be html based which means there will not be compatibility issues with operating systems in the future. However, this project will not be complete for some time.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

VRB Submission Templates

The VRB's submission templates are a new initiative to be trialled in conjunction with the proposed case appraisal process. It is anticipated that the templates will assist veterans and their representatives to clarify issues of diagnosis, kind of death, medical and other evidentiary matters, thereby expediting the hearing of applications.
These templates will assist all persons preparing cases to go before the board. They will save time and ensure that all relevant information is included.

Click here to go to the Submissions Template web page.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Outreach Forums in June

The Outreach program in South Australia provides information on Department of Veterans' Affairs benefits and entitlements to assist the veteran community in accessing health and other community services. The aim of the program is to promote and maintain self-sufficiency, well-being and quality of life amongst members of the veteran community.

Outreach will be conducting the following forums in June:

June 4th, Yorketown RSL
10am- Information Session: Planning Ahead for Bereavement
11am to 12:30pm- Individual Booked Appointments

June 5th, Moonta RSL
2pm to 4pm- Individual Booked Appointments

June 6th, Wallaroo RSL
10am- Information Session: Services Available to Support Independent Living
11am to 2:30pm- Individual Booked Appointments

June 17th, West Lakes Bowling Club Lakes Sports & Community Club
- Information Session: Planning Ahead for Bereavement
11:30am to 1pm- Individual Booked Appointments

Bookings are essential for the individual interviews please refer to Cathy Key 8290 0363 or Carolyn Conroy 8290 0375.
For further information on Outreach activities click on this link

Monday, 12 May 2008

New Mental Health Website Launch

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has a website dedicated to maximising mental health.
Targeting veterans, their partners, carers, sons and daughters, and current serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members, www.at-ease.dva.gov.au enables the user to find:
Information on common mental health conditions, as well as information that takes into account the uniqueness of the veteran experience;
Services that are available to help cope with a mental illness;
DVA mental health news and event information; and
Links to other mental health resources.
Visit www.at-ease.dva.gov.au to find out more.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Statements of Principles Updates

At its meeting of 18 March 2008, the RMA:
Determined Statements of Principles:
- analgesic nephropathy (29 & 30 of 2008)
- smallpox (31 & 32 of 2008)
- benign neoplasm of the eye and adnexa (33 & 34 of 2008)

determined Amendment Statements of Principles for:
- soft tissue sarcoma (35 & 36 of 2008)

declared not to amend the existing Statements of Principles to:
- chronic lymphoid leukaemia

This concludes the previously advertised investigations into:
- analgesic nephropathy
- smallpox
- benign neoplasm of the eye (now known as 'benign neoplasm of the eye and adnexa')
- soft tissue sarcoma
- chronic lymphoid leukaemia

Decided to advertise an investigations as follows:
1. bronchiolitis obliterans organising pneumonia
2. tension-type headache
3. trigeminal neuropathy
4. malignant neoplasm of the eye

The Investigation Notice for this investigation will appear in the Government Notices Gazette of 30 April 2008.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

DVA Fact Sheet Updates

The following DVA Fact Sheets have been updated. To ensure that your Pensions & Welfare Handbooks have the latest information, the existing Fact Sheets should be removed and replaced with copies of the latest version.
Fact Sheets can be accessed and printed from the DVA web site. ( click here )
The Fact Sheets that have been update are:
DVA 06 / FIP 02 / HSV 69 / HAC 05 / MCS 01 / DVA 10 / DVA 11