Friday, 26 September 2008

Changes Ahead for Partner Service Pension

Subject to the passage of legislation, eligibility for the partner service pension will change next year, affecting married recipients below age pension age who are separated, but not divorced from their veteran spouses.
This change will not affect you if you are over pension age. Age pension age is 65 years for males and currently 63 years and 6 months for females.

From 1 January 2009, eligibility for partner service pension will cease 12 months after the date of separation, or the veteran commences a new marriage-like relationship.
A spouse who is a member of an illness separated couple remains the partner of a veteran and therefore does not lose eligibility for partner service pension. Certain assessment criteria need to be met. A couple who are illness separated must be unable to live together in a matrimonial home because of the illness or infirmity of either or both of them. They must continue to have a married or marriage–like relationship, even though they may be living in separate accommodation. For example, if one partner is in residential care, or if separation is as a result of the veteran’s medical condition.
If a spouse and the veteran believe they should be assessed as an illness separated couple, please contact DVA as soon as possible to request a D9157 ‘Statement of Relationship – Couple living separately due to illness’ form

Friday, 19 September 2008

Pension Increases

Pension rates increase effective 20 September 2008. To view a summary of the changes click here

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Statements of Principles Updates

At its meeting of 5 August 2008, the RMA:
determined Statements of Principles for:
- hepatitis B (52 & 53 of 2008)
- hepatitis C (54 & 55 of 2008)
- hepatitis D (56 & 57 of 2008)
- malignant neoplasm of the brain (58 & 59 of 2008)
- fibromuscular dysplasia (60 & 61 of 2008)
- ascariasis (62 & 63 of 2008)
- ancylostomiasis (64 & 65 of 2008)
- animal envenomation (66 & 67 of 2008)

N.B. – This concludes the previously advertised investigations into:
- hepatitis B
- hepatitis C
- hepatitis D
- malignant neoplasm of the brain
- fibromuscular dysplasia
- ascariasis
- ancylostomiasis (now known as 'hookworm disease')
- animal envenomation

Decided to advertise the following investigations:
1. drug dependence and drug abuse
2. ischaemic heart disease (focussed review)
3. multiple sclerosis
4. scleroderma
5. epileptic seizures (focussed review)

The Investigation Notices for these investigations will appear in the Government Notices Gazette of 27 August 2008.