Monday, 7 December 2009

Changes to DVA Cards

All Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Repatriation Health Cards (DVA Cards) are due to expire during 2010.
From March 2010 DVA will begin reissuing all cards. As part of this reissue there will be some improvements made to DVA cards. All eligible veterans, war widows/widowers and dependants will be issued with a new card.

Changes to DVA Cards will not reduce or change current eligibility to hold a DVA Card.

The changes being made to the cards are to increase:
-veteran access to services;
-provider satisfaction; and
-security of the cards.

Veteran Access to Services
The magnetic stripe on the cards will contain the following information:
-full name;
-file number;
-card type; and
-expiry date.

This change is expected to improve provider satisfaction, as this will enable providers to swipe DVA cards in the same way Medicare or Private Health Fund Cards are currently utilised. By improving the claiming experience for the providers it increases the likely hood of providers accepting DVA cards.

All eligible clients living overseas will, for the first time, be issued with a DVA card. This will remove the need for veterans to contact DVA to receive a “letter of authority” when receiving medical treatment within Australia.

Entitlement to treatment overseas is limited to veterans that have an accepted disability/disabilities and DVA funds treatment of those accepted disabilities only. This process for receiving treatment while overseas will not change.

Security Upgrade
All DVA cards will have microprinting and a DVA registered hologram added as security features. The microprinting and hologram are added security features to ensure non entitled persons cannot reproduce a card.

Expected Arrival Date
The reissue of all cards is due to commence in March 2010, this process is expected to take 6 weeks to complete.