Thursday, 15 July 2010

Veterans Service Centres Now Open

Veterans in Victor Harbor, Port Pirie and Port Lincoln in South Australia will benefit from new Veterans Service Centres opened recently in Centrelink offices.

Sites will provide local veterans with easier access to veteran specific information, on the support and entitlements available to them, where a stand-alone DVA office is not viable.

Centres have DVA trained staff and provide access to DVA information. Staff will handle basic inquiries, provide information on benefits and services and accept DVA claims forms. More complex matters will be referred to DVA.

Location details are available on the DVA Website .

An Alice Springs Service Centre is due to open shortly.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Statements of Principles Updates

At the meeting of 2 June 2010, the RMA

determined Statements of Principles (SoPs) for:

- methaemoglobinaemia (47 & 48 of 2010)
- sinus barotrauma (49 & 50 of 2010)
- internal derangement of the knee (51 & 52 of 2010)
- acute articular cartilage tear (53 & 54 of 2010)
- acute meniscal tear of the knee (55 & 56 of 2010)
- Dupuytren's disease (57 & 58 of 2010)
These SoPs revoke any previously determined SoPs for these conditions.

Declared that the Repatriation Medical Authority (the Authority) does not propose to determine Statements of Principles concerning "Gulf War syndrome". The Authority concluded it is not a 'disease' or 'injury' within the meaning of the VEA. The Declaration will appear in the Government Notices Gazette of 30 June 2010.
N.B. – This concludes the previously advertised investigations into:

» methaemoglobinaemia
» sinus barotrauma
» internal derangement of the knee
» acute articular cartilage tear
» acute meniscal tear
» Dupuytren's contracture
» Gulf War syndrome

determined Amendment Statement of Principles (SoPs) for:

- fibrosing interstitial lung disease (59 & 60 of 2010)
- vascular dementia (61 & 62 of 2010)

N.B. – This concludes the previously advertised investigations into:

» fibrosing interstitial lung disease
» vascular dementia

All of the above SoPs will take effect from 30 June, 2010.

decided to advertise the following investigations:
Morton's neuroma
dementia pugilistica
physical injury to munitions discharge
aplastic anaemia
dengue fever
porphyria cutanea tarda
inflammatory bowel disease
otitic barotrauma
chronic pancreatitis
pes planus
mesangial igA glomerulonephritis
giant cell arteritis
otitis externa
chronic gastritis
acute lymphoid leukaemia
adenocarcinoma of the kidney
carpal tunnel syndrome
malignant neoplasm of the anal canal
malignant neoplasm of the bone or articular cartilage
aortic stenosis
familial adenomatous polyposis
colorectal adenoma
artial flutter
dental pulp disease

The Investigation Notices for these investigations will appear in the Government Notices Gazette of 30 June, 2010.