Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Statements of Principles Update

At the meeting of 14  & 15 June the RMA:
Determined Statements of Principles for:
(These SoPs revoke the SoPs previously determined for these conditions).

Determined Amendment Statements of Principles (SoPs) for:
  • malignant neoplasm of the endometrium (RH)....91/ 2011
  • malignant neoplasm of the urethra (RH).............92/2011
  • schizophrenia (RH)…….…....…..………….........93/2011
All of the above SoPs will take effect from 13 July 2011.

Determined not to amend Statements of Principles (SoPs) for:
  • malignant neoplasm of the endometrium (BoP)....100/2007
  • malignant neoplasm of the urethra (BoP)…..........2/2008
  • schizophrenia (BoP..…………………..................16/2009
These decisions were made on the grounds that there is no sound medical-scientific evidence available to justify an amendment. A Declaration of the decisions will appear in the Government Notices Gazette of 13 July 2011.

These determinations conclude the previously advertised investigations into:
  • retinal vascular occlusive disease
  • acute pancreatitis
  • extrinsic allergic alveolitis
  • diabetes mellitus
  • malignant neoplasm of the endometrium
  • malignant neoplasm of the urethra
  • schizophrenia
Decided to advertise the following investigation:
  • lipodermatosclerosis
The Investigation Notice for this investigation will appear in the Government Notices Gazette 13 July 2011.

Download the Summary of Changes regarding SoPs 83 - 93/2011
(PDF - 1.01MB) (RTF - 104KB)

Introduction to Community Support Advisor's role

Good afternoon

I am writing to introduce myself as the Community Support Advisor within the Department of Veterans' Affairs

My role is to help members of the DVA community to achieve greater access to health and other care services that promote and maintain self sufficiency, well being and quality of life. Part of this role is the
establishment and ongoing care of Day Clubs and Men's Health Programs.

Day Clubs are a community based, weekly program providing social interaction and a range of activities for older people in the community. They are open to both Veterans and non veterans who are generally socially isolated and unable to participate in other activities in their community. They are organised by volunteers who oversee the activities and operation and supported by Ex Service Organisations. They are not for profit organisations.

From time to time we get enquiries fro people living within these areas who would like to avail themself of any programs that may be open to them. Currently within the Western suburbs of Adelaide there are no Day Clubs that DVA are aware of and I would be very interested in speaking to anyone who may think there was a chance of establishing one.

If you would like some more general information about the Day Club program please refer to the following website  www.dva.gov.au/HEALTH_AND_WELLBEING/ACTIVITIES/DAY_CLUBS/Pages/details.aspx

If this is something that you would be keen to pursue or chat about the
possibilities of further please feel free to email or call me.

Kind regards

Linsey Hart
Community Support Advisor
Department of Veterans' Affairs
GPO Box 9998, Adelaide SA 5001
T 8290 0478 1800 555254
E: linsey.hart@dva.gov.au

Monday, 11 July 2011

CLIK CD Update

The next CLIK CD update (2011-04) is now available for download from the DVA website.  here

Friday, 8 July 2011

Vetaffairs June edition

June edition of Vetaffairs is now available for download here

Thursday, 7 July 2011

DAN - Defence Alumni Network

the Defence Alumni Network, a social networking platform for ex-personnel was launched on July 4.

Share stories, pictures and news with those you understand. Keep informed of Defence issues and news through the DAN media centre. Engage with old friends, plan a reunion through groups or learn more about others.


Friday, 1 July 2011

Men's Health Peer Education

The June 2011 edition of the Men's Health Peer Education magazine is available here