Tuesday, 14 February 2012

VRB Practice Notes

The VRB's Practice Note is a initiative aimed at informing veterans and their representatives of the latest developments in veterans' law as soon as possible after they happen.
The Practice Note contains a brief report and explanation of significant cases, legislative reforms and more.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Want to know more about aged care services in your region?

Do you care for someone and need support?

Not sure where to start?

Then call 1800 200 422

This number can provide a link to a wide range of community, aged care and support services that are available locally and nationally. The experienced workers who answer the phone can provide you with free and confidential information on:

      • community aged care services to help you stay safely in your home
        • these may include domestic assistance, home maintenance and modification, personal care, delivered meals and nursing care – you can also find out about these services using the Community Services Finder on this site
      • your local Aged Care Assessment Team
        • to access most government-funded aged care you first have to be assessed by health professionals called Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACATs) – you can also get contact details for your nearest ACAT using the ACAT Finder on this site
      • carer support and respite services
        • these services help carers with options to take a break through short-term and emergency respite (based on assessed need) and provide advice on and coordinate access to respite services in a carer's local area.
More information is available from the Departmant of Health and Ageing website.  here

Monday, 6 February 2012

Justice of the Peace

Need to find a JP.
Information and an Online Roll of JPs can be found here

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Course program and information update

Course information and program have been updated to reflect changes to MRCA training.

The Compensation Level 1 course has been replaced by the MRCA Face to Face course.
This course involves completion of the MRCA E-Learning package followed by two days of classroom training. Completion of these two training elements will see you trained to MRCA Level 2.

The Compensation Level 2 course has been replaced by the MRCA Enhancement E-Learnng package which has been developed to cover MRCA in more depth and is conducted on-line using the TIP E-Learning modules.
This course is for experienced MRCA practitioners dealing with compensation claims on a regular basis in order to expand and enhance existing knowledge.
Enrolment in the MRCA Enhancement E-Learning course can occur at any time. The normal nomination process applies.