Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tribunal Advocacy Course 2013

Funding has been confirmed for the running of a Tribunal Advocacy Course in 2013.
The aim of this tertiary level, live-in course is to train participants in the preparation and presentation of cases before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
The Tribunal Advocacy Course is conducted in collaboration with the University of Canberra with assistance from DVA and members of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

We are now seeking ESO nominations for participation in the Tribunal Advocacy Course to be held in Canberra, 29 June to 05 July.

Eligibility criteria is detailed below and all nominations are carefully reviewed by the TIP SA/NT Chair before being forwarded to the selection panel.
In the event of multiple nominations, the TIP Chair will rank nominations in order of merit.
Successful nominees will be notified by 01 June.

Eligibility Criteria (as a minimum)
·         Completion of a Pension Level 2 course, with mentoring experience and knowledge of processes used in the Veterans’ Review Board. Preferably completion of an Advocate-VRB course.
·         An understanding of the disability pension provisions in the VEA, including the function and use of the Statements of Principles and the assessment of pensions, in particular the Special Rate Pension.
·         Actively working as a Pension Officer and/or have had advocacy experience at review body level eg: VRB, AAT
·         Participated in or observed AAT courts and processes
·         Be highly recommended by their parent ESO
·         Be likely to participate in the appeals process to the AAT

Nominations of suitable candidates are to be received at the TIP office by no later than 10 May 2013.

Only nominations accompanied by a completed Nomination Form will be considered.
Nomination Form can be downloaded here