Wednesday, 30 September 2015

eLearning Log In

For those of you who are doing training on-line, there is now a link to the eLearning Login page here on The Orderly Room.
You can find it on the right hand side of the page under 'Important Links'.

Happy learning!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Veterans' Health Cards

The health card arrangements are the main way DVA, on behalf of the Australian Government, provides convenient access to health and other care services for veterans, war widows and eligible dependents.
Arrangements are based on providing access to clinically appropriate and required treatment, which is evidence-based.
The DVA health card allows card holders a streamlined administrative process, whereby the health card holder only has to present their card when receiving treatment and not worry about seeking reimbursement or obtaining receipts and invoices for payment.
Click here if you want to know more about DVA health cards.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Advocacy, Training & Development Programme Blueprint

The Minister for Veterans' Affairs has agreed to the Advocacy, Training and Development Programme (ATDP) Blueprint to the response to the Rolfe Review

The ATDP features:

  • Improved DVA and ESO partnership arrangements;
  • A Capability Management Framework which is the centrepiece of the learning and development programme. This includes clear training & development pathways and the application of accreditation and adult learning principles across the whole spectrum of the programme;
  • A significant role for contracted expert assistance from a Registered Training Organisation; and
  • A three-tiered governance structure representing the ESO community, Defence and DVA.

The vision of the ATDP is to train and develop selected practitioners to provide high quality advocacy services to current and former ADF members, and their dependants, covering rehabilitation, compensation, appeals and welfare.

A Working Party, made up of members from the ESO community (with nominees provided by the ESORT), TIP, Defence and DVA, including Brig. Rolfe, held its initial meeting in March 2015 and from their deliberations the Blueprint for the ATDP was developed.

The Blueprint can be viewed/downloaded here

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Seniors Information Services offers a range of sessions on iPad, Android and Internet Security.

Book for a one-on-one session or a group seminar.
Call 8168 8776 for more information.

Veterans Health Week

10-18 October

Veterans' Health Week is an opportunity for veterans, war widows, widowers, current and ex-Australian Defence Force members and their families to make positive changes to the health and wellbeing of themselves and their friends.

Monday, 21 September 2015

'The Right Mix' Website Update

The Right Mix website has been enhanced to provide better support for veterans and serving ADF members in order to help them manage their alcohol consumption.
The Right Mix has been updated based on the latest research into the effects of alcohol consumption. It also provides information on the best ways to gain online support for people who want to change their behaviour.

The redeveloped site provides people with the option to develop a self-help action plan to reduce their alcohol consumption with the help of their medical professional. It also has a range of interactive tools, allowing them to quickly measure how much they drink, and compare their drinking habits against low risk levels.

The Right Mix website, together with its companion mobile app, allows a new generation of serving members and veterans to use their smart phones and tablets to monitor their drinking habits. It supports the ADF’s Alcohol Management Strategy which promotes harm minimisation, and focuses on incentives like improvements in physical wellbeing and work performance.

The Right Mix can be accessed through the At Ease Portal via www.at-ease.dva.gov.au/therightmix

Pension Rate Increases

Veterans, their partners, war widows and widowers across Australia will see an increase to their pensions from today, 20 September 2015, as part of the bi-annual indexation process.
As pension rates are calculated on a daily basis, the next pension paid after the 20 September increase (on payday 1 October 2015) will be paid partly at the old rate and partly at the new rate. The first full payment at the new pension rates will be 15 October 2015.
You can view the new rates here.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

TIP Office Closure

The TIP office will be closed from 14 Sep until 20 Sep.
Urgent matters regarding TIP should be directed the TIP Chair, John Cadd

0418 842 228

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Non Liability Health Care

DVA pays for treatment for certain mental and physical health conditions without the need for the conditions to be accepted as related to service.
This is known as non-liability health care (NLHC).
What is non-liability health care?
Non-liability health care allows former and current ADF personnel, depending on their eligibility, to receive treatment for the following conditions:
- Cancer (Malignant Neoplasm)
- Pulmonary Tuberculosis
- Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
- Depressive disorder
- Anxiety disorder
- Alcohol Use Disorder; and
- Substance Use Disorder
There is no need to establish that these conditions were caused by defence service. However, the specific conditions for which someone may be eligible to receive treatment depends on the period in which they served or, in some cases, the nature of their service (e.g service on operational deployments).
Online Non-Liability Health Care Training
Non-Liability Health Care eLearning course has been designed to provide information about NLHC eligibility, the conditions covered and how to apply for NLHC or assist others to do so. The course contains eight modules you can complete at your own pace.
You can nominate for this course by downloading a nomination form using the link above.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Are you interested in Accessing Home Care...Are you aware of the changes that came in from July?
Seniors Information Service are holding a seminar on Accessing Home Care - Navigating the CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program).
Monday Oct 19th 1 - 2:30pm.
Phone 8168 8776 to book a place


Monday, 7 September 2015

Statements of Principles Updates

At the meeting of 5 August 2015 the RMA:

Determined Statements of Principles (SoPs) for:

fracture…….…………………….……..94/2015 & 95/2015
Achilles tendinopathy and bursitis…..96/2015 & 97/2015
hallux valgus……………….…………..98/2015 & 99/2015
lipoma…………………………………..100/2015 & 101/2015
malignant melanoma of the skin…….102/2015 & 103/2015
mesothelioma………………………….104/2015 & 105/2015
ingrowing nail…………………………..106/2015 & 107/2015
Meniere’s disease……………………..108/2015 & 109/2015
external burn…………………………...110/2015 & 111/2015
hepatitis E……………………………...112/2015 & 113/2015

These SoPs revoke the SoPs previously determined for these conditions.
The above determinations conclude the previously advertised reviews of the contents of these SoPs.
The above SoPs take effect from 21 September 2015.

After registering the Statements of Principles concerning lipoma (Nos. 100 & 101 of 2015), a clerical error was identified and the following Amendment SoPs were prepared and registered to correct the error - Amendment Statements of Principles concerning lipoma Nos. 114/2015 & 115/2015. 
These Amendment SoPs also take effect from 21 September 2015.

Download the 'Summary of Changes' regarding SoPs 94 - 115 of 2015    (pdf – 192KB)

Decided to advertise the following investigations:
malignant neoplasm of the brain
malignant neoplasm of the prostate (focussed review – dieldrin)
acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (focussed review – benzene definition)
aplastic anaemia (focussed review – benzene definition)
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma (focussed review – benzene definition)
myeloma (focussed review – benzene definition)
non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (focussed review – benzene definition)
Barrett’s oesophagus
antiphospholipid syndrome

The Investigation Notices for these investigations will appear in the Government Notices Gazette of 1 September 2015.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Australian Veteran’s Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT) is a national independent charity helping the children and grandchildren of ex-service men and women to a better future through higher education. 
Applications for 2016 scholarships open on 18 August 2015 and strictly close on 31 October 2015.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

National Standards for Volunteer Involvement - Workshops

If you coordinate or manage volunteers, have management or governance responsibility in organisations that work with volunteers, the 2015 National Standards for Volunteer Involvement will be a useful tool for your organisation. 

Register for one of the National Standards Workshops scheduled for next week.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Soldier On - Australian Business Academy

The next round of registrations for Soldier On's Australian Business Academy: RTO Code 88201 courses are now open! 

Veterans and their partners can access free qualifications in Accounting, Business Administration, Management, HR, IT and Graphic Design.
These qualifications can be completed over a year of studying online, and will tool you with skills relevant to a range of positions in the civilian workforce.

For more information, head to http://bit.ly/ABA-Course-Info or email julie.jaensch@soldieron.org.au.