Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lifeline Service Finder App

The Lifeline Service Finder is a tool available for people to search for local and national low or no cost support services within Australia listing results to keyword searches or browsing by category. This tool will show users a description and contact details of search results as well as other useful information.
The Lifeline Service Finder is powered by Infoxchange Service Seeker, which was developed to allow people to access up to date, accurate information on health and welfare support services at any time of the day and night.

Download the app here

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Women's Symposium

Women veterans have their chance to discuss their unique needs, hear key speakers, network and connect.
Please TAG or SHARE with women veterans in SA.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

TIP Training 2016

Information regarding TIP SA/NT training for 2016 is now available and can be viewed using the links above.
At this point in time, courses have only been programmed to the end of June pending further clarification of the future of the TIP training process as a result of the proposed implementation of the Advocacy Training & Development Blueprint in July 2016.

The Course Information document outlines the content of individual courses and prerequisites.
Refresher training for Welfare and MRCA will continue to utilise the on-line eLearning modules, allowing for this training to be completed at any time and at your own pace. Enhancement training courses in MRCA, SRCA, GARP and Non Liability Health Care can also be taken using eLearning modules.
Training is normally conducted at the DVA office in Adelaide or in regional locations.
Additional training outside of the program may be conducted at other locations within the Adelaide area or a regional location, where time and presenter availability permits.
This can be discussed with the TIP Chair, John Cadd 0418 842 228 johncadd@live.com.au
Should a critical need for training exist and no appropriate course is available in the SA/NT program, it may be possible to facilitate attendance at a TIP course interstate.
This would be assessed by the TIP Consultative Group on a case by case basis.
This can be discussed with the TIP Chair, John Cadd 0418 842 228 johncadd@live.com.au
A nomination is required to attend all training courses (including the eLearning courses).
For the 2016 course program, nominations can now be made on-line and can be accessed using the link above.
This is now our preferred method of receiving nominations.
(Paper nominations will still be accepted and can be downloaded here. Completed nomination forms are to be forwarded to the TIP Admin Support Officer.)
‘The Orderly Room’ continues to be the primary point of information for TIP SA/NT matters and we encourage you to visit this website on a regular basis.
Our Facebook page provides additional information, the opportunity to comment and network with other Pension/Welfare Officers, and provide feedback on pension and welfare matters.   www.facebook.com/TIPSouthAustralia
We look forward to seeing you at a training course in 2016.

Monday, 9 November 2015


Current and former serving members of the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Australian Navy.
Did you know you are entitled to VVCS services if you:
· have served in disaster relief or border protection operations;
· have been involved in one of Australia's peacekeeping or peacemaking operations;
· are a reservist with operational service; 
· have served as a submariner;
· have been medically discharged;
· were involved in serious training accident,

This also includes the partners and dependent children (up to age 26) of these members; and the partners, dependant children and parents of members killed in service-related incidents.
Call VVCS on 1800 011 046 to see how they can help you or your family.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Statements of Principles Updates

Click here to review the latest Statements of Principles updates.

RMA Website

The RMA website has been redesigned. The website has a range of improvements – a cleaner, less cluttered and more modern feel; improved and updated content and enhanced facilities to make navigation and finding exact information easier. These facilities include a comprehensive site map in the footer and a far more precise search facility at the top of each page. The new website is also easier to access and view from smart phones and tablets.
The site features significantly improved capacity to search and find Statements of Principles (SOPs) – and other information. You can search by SOP number, year, the name of the condition or ICD code, and now hundreds of commonly used names of medical conditions can be entered in the search field to identify the applicable SOP. All information relating to a condition (the current SOPs, past SOPs, historical documents such as declarations or reasons for decision, and the most recent Explanatory Statements tabled in Parliament) are now available together in a single page relating to each condition.
There is more information about how the RMA undertakes investigations, searches for relevant literature and assesses the medical-science. Requests for the RMA to undertake an investigation or review the contents of an existing SOP can now be lodged on-line, with the capacity to upload supporting documentation and print a copy of the completed request for your records.