Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Adelaide ATDP Workshop - RPL Level 2 and Mentoring

It is planned to conduct a Recognition of Prior learning (RPL Level 2) activity and mentoring workshop in Adelaide in late February or March 2017 at the DVA South Australia State Office.
A number of Expressions of Interest (EOI) have been received from South Australian Advocates who have filled out the form on the ATDP website. If you have completed the form, you will automatically receive an invitation in the new year to attend the workshop.
For those of you who are yet to apply, you are encouraged to read the information below and fill out the on-line form so that an invitation can be sent to you to attend the workshop.
Places are limited and will be offered in accordance with the order in which EOI are received.

Who should attend?
The workshops are for:
- mentors who are currently working with trainee advocates who are doing their ATDP Level 1 training
- experienced Advocates (Levels 2, 3 or 4) who are currently, or would like to become, mentors.

The workshop runs for two days and covers:
RPL: Your experience, knowledge and skills will be assessed for ATDP Level 2 Compensation or Welfare accreditation. The RPL process will consist of individual interviews, individual presentation of evidence of advocacy work and the completion of an Underpinning Knowledge Quiz
Mentoring: The workshop covers what mentoring is and why it is a key part of ATDP; the mentor’s role and responsibilities; and how to develop and support your ‘mentee’.

If you’d like to submit an EOI, please fill out the online formwww.atdp.org.au/applications/eois.php
To complete the form, you will need to supply details of the official from your ESO who can be contacted to endorse your nomination and agree to cover your expenses if you need to travel to the workshop.
If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about ATDP, please visit the DVA website (www.dva.gov.au) or send an email to ATDPenquiries@dva.gov.au.
Alternately, contact Wayne Stidston (ATDP Project Officer)
8290 0315    wayne.stidston@dva.gov.au

Monday, 5 December 2016


Are you an experienced advocate who is supporting current and former ADF members in accessing their DVA entitlements?
Are you mentoring new advocates, or would like help develop the next generation of advocates? If so, ATDP has a training program to help you in this important work.

Register now for ATDP Mentor Training by completing this online form: www.atdp.org.au/applications/eois.php

An important note for all DVA clients

As you may know, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is currently conducting the 2016 Client Satisfaction Survey.
DVA has recently become aware of a scam asking clients for their personal details from a caller claiming to be conducting a survey on behalf of DVA. Any such requests are a scam and are not legitimate. The official DVA survey will not ask for any personal information beyond confirming your name and, where a carer/spouse is completing the survey on your behalf, their relationship with you.
If you receive one of these calls do not provide the information. Hang up the phone and report the call to Scamwatch on 1300 795 995.